May 18th, 2004

Th rehearsal room have been repaired and we have resumed the repetition, with the view to prepare a new title. Besides, we're thinking of a recording with a PC, as soon as Franck is at the point with the software. Normally, we will appear on June 21 (Music Festival) in Dijon (21000 - France), rue Berbisey.

April 26th, 2004

We have run out of repetition since the beginning of March. Indeed, the room where we repeat has been burglarized three times since the beginning of the year! The Marshall Jcm 900 head amplifier has disappeared, but it's the only loss which Nyarlathotep can deplore. The other bands of the room had less chance, some of them regretting more than 3000 euros of equipments stolen! Therefore we cleared out the room and we armoured it all: walled windows and reinforced door! We expect to resume the repetition soon.

March 27th, 2004

That's done! You all waited for it, the Nyarlathotep website is finally on line! It is house-made and doesn't claim to be a professional website. In fact, it's Lord Anonymous (your servant) who is in charge of it, with his poor knowledge in Html and Javascript. We hope you will get out of it!

For those who are discovering us, go to the Band section in order to know our past story. You will also find a photo gallery, videos, MP3 extracts of our 2 albums and various small information. See you soon for other news.

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