November 10th, 2004

New participation in a compilation. This time, it's about Kaly Production, the baby is announced for February. The Symbols of Arcania will be the title represented.

Eihwaz Berkano has left his second project Disablust after some desagreements and at present devotes himself to the news project of Nyarlathotep, which is the composition of « Imperium Romanum », and to his new cat called Attila.

New chronicle available in the item Promotion: Paranoyhard'Zine.

October 5th, 2004

Hello. No important news today. Only the detail of the Metal Ostentation compil':

01. Melancolia from Canada
02. Hinthruna from Italy
03. Aces from Holland
04. Todtgelichter from Germany
05. Tribes of Cain from Switzerland
06. Dying Message from Japan
07. Erazer from Holland
08. Schistomosa from Germany
09. Dark Deception from Austria
10. Edgecrusher from Beligum
11. Darkrise from Switzerland
12. Krocht from Holland
13. Nyarlathotep from France
14. Skeptical Minds from Belgium
15. Estrepito from Luxembourg
16. Aeon Vortex from France
17. Lost Eden from Japan
18. Endymaeria from Holland

September 16th, 2004

The promotion of Ignobilis Ritæ is progressing. Indeed, Nyarlathotep will soon take part in the « Metal Ostentation » compil', volume 6. This compilation is produced by Enclave Records and contains 18 titles. We will inform you of the release date and the way you can have it.

Another good new: the guestbook is restored.

Translation in progress... Thank's!!

August 24th, 2004

Again a great news for Nyarlathotep and its fans: the Guestbook is now available. I apologize for its making up, but I promise to rectify it as quickly as possible!

August 12th, 2004

Great news within Nyarlathotep: we have now a manager whose name is Julien Boulet. He will be in charge of finding concerts for us in Paris and Poitiers (France).

Of course, we'll always be listening to those who have propositions of a show in other regions we had not explored before. The South-West for instance?... (for a delicious cassoulet...)

You're still invited to give your opinion concerning the band or the website on

August 10th, 2004

Even during the holidays, Nyarlathotep remains somewhat active. You can see it by the updating of the site.First, here is a new photo gallery, from the music festival in Dijon (France).

See the photos

Then, all the Jpeg pictures of the site have been converted into Gif, which is more easily downloaded.

Finally, we're working actively on a new title, still brutal, with the sweet name of Evil Fallen Knights. Meet you soon for other so deadly fresh news...

July 22nd 2004

Nyarlathotep appeared in a concert with Voice of Winter in Dijon (France), on Saturday July 3rd, in a bar. Meet you in our Concerts section for further informations.

It is now made official that Eihwaz Berkano becomes the guitarist of Disablust. They will be on stage on July 31th, near Dôle (Jura, France).

At the moment, Nyarlathotep's news remains quite stable, because of the holidays.

June 30th, 2004

We'll be on stage with Voice of Winter on Saturday, July 3rd in Dijon (France). The place is still unknown for the moment but it will be put on the website as soon as we'll know it. We'll be only 2: Eihwaz Berkano and Lord Anonymous. Franck will be detained, and in order to not cancel, we have decided to take up the challenge of performing a brutal black with only 2 members! Meet you very soon for further informations!

June 29th, 2004

Some news, to talk about the music Festival which took place in Dijon (France).It's succintly described in the Concerts section. Since June 21th, after our performance and that of the other bands, a concert is being organized in Dijon (France), with Voice of Winter. We'll give you other informations later on, when we'll know further about it!

Eihwaz Berkano and perhaps Franck wish to integrate Disablust, a relatively young band but quite convincing. May I reassure the fans, they are not thinking of leaving the Nyarlathotep vessel! As far as he's concerned, your servant (Lord Anonymous), for professional reasons, has to move to Haute-Normandie (France), therefore the next year promises to be chaotic for Nyarlathotep. But we make the promise that Nyarlathotep will go on stage again, and that we'll do all we can in order that our course doesn't come to an end.

Anyway, we're preparing 2 new titles, which are about the Roman Empire, and which will be part of a concept-album dedicated to this theme. It has been conceived by Eihwaz Berkano 4 years ago, and we settle down to do it only now, for we have just acquired the level we should have to do it.

See you soon for other news!

June 17th, 2004

The new title, which is now finished, is entitled Hymn to Lilith. There are many alternances of rapid and slow passages, and a little brutal-death influence. You'll have the opportunity to discover it during a live show in the music festival, in which me'll take place with the following bands: Voice of Winter, Simkin, Spinal, Feedback and another band which name we dont' know. It will be our first show with 3 of us only, and we're ready!! So see you in Dijon (France), rue Berbisey, before the Rock Highway. Come and have a little chat with us!!!

We have added a column with presentation of the members. See the link Members on the left. Do not hesitate to leave a mail when you go on the site. Besides, we're planning to put a Guestbook soon (when Lord Anonymous will be able to manage it).

See you soon for other news!

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