November 14th, 2005

News: Eihwaz Berkano is officialy in charge of the promotion and the management of Nyarlathotep, and the result is that the band is still alive. At present, the mixing is in full swing, and it should not deceive the fans.

Apart from that, nothing really intersting... for the moment.

Be on the watch for the next news and go and mail in our Guestbook! Thanks!

October 19th, 2005

Hello everybody!

Some news: the recording is in progress! The guitar and the vocals parts are now recorded! There's only the bass parts missing, and we're preparing a quite famous CD for you! It's Niki, our former vocalist, who is in charge of the mixing.

This new opus will have the name of Mystic Vision of an High Spirituality. We're not going to tell you from what inspiration it has been drawn. The quizz is launched! Go to our Guestbook and try to find! The winner will win the complete new album when it will be realised, if he or she would show himself!

There will be 6 titles, with a more brutal orientation.

See you soon on this page!

September 19th, 2005

Just a little updating to inform you that Nyarlathotep is still alive despite a very slow activity.

We have begun the recording of our third opus which clearly seems to have a quite more famous sound. For the present, there are only the drums parts recorded. We have worked exclusively on computer and it was not easy!

Maybe we'll put a few video clip on the website, if Franck consents to do it...

As for your humble servant, henceforth he officiates at his new band in Rouen, called Area 51 (for those who want to know), nevertheless without giving up Nyarlathotep.

Announcement: we're also looking for a soundproof repetition room, close to Dijon-Gray (France). If you have any idea, please do not hesitate to inform us!

See you soon!

June 5th, 2005

An updating concerning the website. The photo galleries have been done up for a better navigation. It is also possible to know the date of the last updating in going directely to the homepage. And finally, the translation of the other parts of the site going on.

See you soon for others evolutions.

May 30th, 2005

Hello everybody. We have very few news, and that explains the late updating of the website.

We will start the recording on June. Eihwaz Berkano will begin first. All that will be made by computer if everything goes according to our plan. Franck and Lord Anonymous will usually record their part on July.

Other news: from now on, Lord Anonymous belongs to a recently formed band from Rouen (France) named Area 51, a death metal style influenced by all about paranormal phenomena, meaning extraterrestrial... Just like X-files for not mentionning by name!

See you soon with other news!

March 12th, 2005

Prepare your handkerchiefs... Eventually Nyarlathotep won't be on stage because of the defection of the Bar du Centre, for financial reasons. Business is going wrong and the boss doesn't want to engage further expenses. So it will be postponed for a later date (but when?)

We are openned for those who could find a concert project for us.

March 5th, 2005

Some news: Nyarlathotep will be on stage on March 19th in Gray, Haute-Saône (France). It will take place at the Bar du Centre. It will probably be a free entry but drinks consumptions would be welcomed... We will be the only group on stage. Other bands which have been contacted, have first accept the proposal and then retracted. We will make 2 appearances on stage so that the fans won't be deceived!

Moreover, we can now propose, via our Merchandising section the promised and expected Kaly Productions compilation, in which many bands of this label, created by people from Marne (France), are presented and these bands represents the essential of the local bands. We are placed at the 3rd position.

See you soon on stage!

February 7th, 2005

Hello everybody! On the Agenda: 2 further chronicles added in our Promotion section.

The first by La Part d'Ombre: link

The second by Underground Investigation: link

Other news: we finally have some news about the Metal Ostentation compilation: it has been delayed because of some computer problems (by the way computer matters are always such a mess!), but the recording will start shortly. And we will soon receive the Kaly Production compilation, which will be on sale in our website, at the Merchandising section.

See you soon!

January 28th, 2005

Some news, though not so great for Nyarlathotep's topicality remains stable (maybe too much?)

Firstly you'll soon have the occasion to see us on stage: indeed, we are making some preparations in order to play in a bar, in Gray (Haute Saône, France) on March 19th 2005.

Secondly, Eihwaz Berkano is thinking of recording with his Black Snakes side-project.

Thirdly, since December we have started our new project, planned by Eihwaz Berkano. It is about Imperium Romanum, which concept is entirely based on the Roman civilization, from its building to its decline.

We are still waiting for some news about the Metal Ostentation compilation (see news below), and we are trying to get in touch with the bands among the compilation.

November 27th, 2004

Translation in progress... Thanks!!

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