Total Disaster, E.P. with 4 titles was published in 2000. Entirely auto-produced, it was intended for the promotion in order to make the name of Nyarlathotep well known. Several concerts were made in 2000, 2001 and 2002 to promote this first opus. The critics of fanzines and radios about Total Disaster were better than expected and the public was enthusiastic.



The Call of the Depths

Spiritual War

The Devil Messenger

Your Disease


In 2003, Nyarlathotep recorded Ignobilis RitŠ, with 6 titles still more concrete. The band was then looking for a distributor, a manager and a label in order to pass through a new stage.



Preludium to the Blast

The Ancient Oath

Bloody Sword

Echoe of the Ancient Gods

11 Years of Tiranny

The Symbols of Arcania