Lord Anonymous (drums)

Age: 26

Occupation: Mechanical engineering teacher

Hobbies: music, cars, Internet, Science Fiction, travels...

Instrument: Pearl Export drums; Pearl Forum drums, Zildjian cymbals and various others

Best memories: the meeting of the members of Marduk in Strasbourg (France), and the adventure in Guidel (France) for the Festival

Worst memories: the last times with Lord Adunaphel

Musical course: in the music since the age of 4, Academy of music (violin, solfa until the age of 15) then musical writing from 13 years old until today. In  the Metal since the age of 15 (Satriani, Iron Maiden, Metallica) then in the Extreme with the discovering of Morbid Angel. Discovery the black metal with Diabolical Masquerade.

Influences: Marduk, Mayhem, Thy Serpent, Morbid Angel, Immortal, Immolation, Emperor, Krisiun, Vader, Cryptopsy, Summoning...

Main qualities: humor, easy contact, ingenity, very talkative, plain

Main defect: stubborn, easy grumbler, too (?) talkative


Franck (bass)

Age: 25

Occupation: control engineer

Hobbies: music, kayak, cinema, rollers, women...

Instrument: bass BC Rich Warlock, amplifier Fender 300

Best memories: the festival in Guidel (France)

Worst memories: the show in Lyon (France)

Musical course: a little experience in organ in his "youth", playing bass with Nyarlathotep (novice at that time)

Influences: metal in general, especially the 80' heavy metal

Main qualities: frank and open nature to everybody, joyous person

Main defect: sometimes a bit lazy



Eihwaz Berkano (guitar/vocals)

Age: 27

Occupation: Leisure Center Manager, Childhood-Youth coordinator

Hobbies: music, reading, learning Norwegian...

Instrument: Flying V guitar, Marshall amplifier, Metal Zone pedal, d'Adaggio light strings, Shure SM 58 microphone, honey (for the voice)

Best memories: the first time he met Nyarlathotep which was then recently created; the Festival in Guidel (France)

Worst memories: to be obliged to chuck out Lord Adunaphel

Musical course: in the music since the age of 9 (trumpet until 15) then guitar and song. Play bass a little.

Influences: Marduk, Metallica, Amon Amarth, God Dethroned, Deicide

Main qualities: infallible friendship, frankness, good memory

Main defect: spiteful, a bit shy and withdrawn, makes too much of Nyarlathotep and always get's on Lord Anonymous's nerves for the updating of the Website.