Burning black



lgnobilis Ritae

NYARLATHOTEP- Ignobilis Ritæ (Self Released): From the French Underground Nyarlathotep comes playing an intense and raw Old School Black Metal, “Ignobilis Ritæ” is their second demo, being the first one “Total Disaster” Ep released back in 2000. Their music seems to be highly influenced by the sound of bands such Mayhem, Immortal, and the whole Scandinavian phenomenon of early 90’s, but their music is played in some personal, and somewhat original, way; mentioning Immortal you will probably think about Nyarlathotep as a high speed, blast beats driven Black Metal band, but don’t… Their music is more focused in the intense and quite melodic riffs than the extremely fast drums; of course we can find many blasting passages, where the drumming shows all its power and versatility, but those never reaches a really chaotic sound, on the other hand the guitars are the absolute protagonist, its sound is highly predominant with high tuned and strident lines adding the infernal atmospheres and a huge tragic feeling, just listen the fourth track riffing or the initial lines at the fifth track... The vocals are standard mid toned blackish, rasping shrieks; those add the most primitive element to the whole music, due the low mix and the infernal tone. The production of this demo is quite descent, although it sometimes has some rehearsal-like sound, the music is perfectly executed and absolutely legible… I would really like to hear about this band in the near future… Their music deserves attention.

Alvaro Pachero